Summit, Illinois, Drug Abuse Issues and Rehabilitation Offered Close By and Readily Available

Summit, Illinois is a rather small village, neighborhood, suburb, and county located twelve miles Southwest of downtown Chicago, Illinois. Coming in with a population of only 11,446 Summit was officially labeled as a smaller than most bedroom community and housing location for the City of Chicago. Summit residents are far younger than the state-wide average, with the average being thirty years of age, rather than the state average of forty. Summit, while somewhat comfortably above the poverty level, is still a lower class neighborhood. With an average household income of $46,849, Summit showcases a lower class income bracket of roughly twenty percent lower than the state average of $55,137.

With over fifty percent of Summit residents’ income being generated from building construction, factory work and machining, and storefront retail trading, most residents live somewhat poorer lives than most Illinois residents. Summit’s residents rarely fall below the poverty line, and are therefore not considered, “low income”, but are still close to the edge. Statistics show that this is the main cause of the recent and unfortunate and immensely uncomfortable, veritable invasion of drug trafficking, sales, pushing, and dealing of illegal street drugs and illicitly obtained and dangerous prescription pills in the village of Summit and its surrounding areas.

Drug dealers and crime lords at the beginning of expansion of their networks tend to first target poorer communities. These usually do not include impoverished neighborhoods, but poorer communities of hard-working, Americans with jobs that don’t pay enough to put the workers in the middle class band. Many individuals in this position will turn to drug to try and help them get ahead of the game, whether it be to work those few extra hours every week to try and get ahead, or to just get them through the day of a low paying but demanding job.

After the drug dealers used up most of its clientele in the City of Chicago in 2008, the drug trade began to work its way West into the suburbs and surrounding villages of Chicago, concentrating first on lower class neighborhoods and counties. Summit was one of these.

Handling the Drug Problem in Summit with Treatment

The selection for government funded rehabilitation centers in the greater Chicago Metropolitan area are few and far between as it is, but the South Suburban Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse is an inpatient center about twenty miles South of Summit. Being that it’s a government funded and run center, paid for by the State of Illinois with fewer beds and staff than a private center, the South Suburban Council projects an average waiting period of five to seven weeks for a bed in the center. Most addicts cannot afford to wait this long for treatment when they decide to get the help they so desperately need.

Fortunately, there is a much better solution. Most addicts and their families are now being advised to look outwards from the Chicago Metropolitan area to many of the privately owned and operated centers in Illinois and the surrounding states. These rehabs offer double the success rates of a state funded center with instant bed availability, medical detox to soothe and ease addicts during withdrawal, and full batteries of one-on-one counseling and therapies to achieve full and complete sobriety and rehabilitation.