Maywood, Illinois, Drug Abuse Issues and Rehabilitation Offered Close By and Readily Available

Maywood, Illinois is a small village twelve miles West of Chicago, Illinois. Populated by a mere 24,164, Maywood is classified as a smaller than most suburb of the greater Chicago Metropolitan area. Statistically reported as a poorer neighborhood, Maywood residents bring in an average per capita earning of $19,000 a year. The household average earnings rate in at $41,883 a year, about twenty-five percent less than the State of Illinois average of $55,137. Not quite in the poverty range, Maywood holds its position in the lower class band, with an unusually high unemployment of sixteen percent, and those who are employed making less than average income.

It is probable that this is the main reason for the recent influx of illegal street drugs and illicitly obtained and abused prescription medications. Drug pushers, dealers, and traffickers generally target poorer areas first to establish a foothold in a region, as it is usually but not always poorer residents who respond more readily to drug use than wealthier ones. Drug are unfortunately often seen as a solution or remedy for the lower class, or a way to escape the lower class bracket.

Solutions for Families with Addicted Loved Ones in Maywood, Illinois:

Unfortunately, due to economic crisis and fewer tax dollars, collaborations made by Maywood government officials, other nearby village officials, and the City of Chicago itself have not been able to erect as many government owned and operated inpatient, residential rehab centers as was originally hoped, as quickly as desired to match the rather sudden need for inpatient rehabilitation centers. A few now exist, but nine times out of ten there will be a long waiting list for an addict seeking a bed in its center.

One option, the McDermott Center/Haymarket Center Women’s Trt/Residential/Postpartum Center is a women’s only inpatient rehab in central Chicago. While they do offer inpatient treatment, most addicted persons seeking help at this center generally experience a waiting period of 4-8 weeks, with no medical detox once in the center. McDermott offers a 14-28 day rehab/transition environment for addicts to experience a brief reprieve from drugs and alcohol while they look for a longer, more in-depth and extensive inpatient, residential, privately owned and operated drugs and alcohol rehabilitation center with lengthy one-on-one counseling and diversified treatment programs.

Most addicts and their families are now being advised to look outwards from the Chicago Metropolitan area to many of the privately owned and operated centers in Illinois and the surrounding states. These rehabs offer double the success rates of a state funded center with instant bed availability, medical detox to soothe and ease addicts during withdrawal, and full batteries of one-on-one counseling and therapies to achieve full and complete sobriety and rehabilitation.