Lyons, Illinois, Drug Abuse Issues and Rehabilitation Offered Close By and Readily Available

Lyons, Illinois is a very small neighborhood about eleven miles Southwest of downtown Chicago, Illinois. Reflecting a population of only 10,700 residents, Lyons appears to be just another average, middle class Chicago Metropolitan suburb, neighborhood, and village. Lyons showcases an average age range of residents, average per capita income, average house values, and average educational achievement and employment rates. Fairly culturally diversified, Lyons has about a fifty percent white population, thirty percent Hispanic population, and a mix of many other ethnicities as well.

Being basically a bedroom community for the City of Chicago, most Lyons residents are blue collar middle class workers with families and owned homes. The only real aspect that has made Lyons a recent victim of increased drug abuse, addiction, dependency, and crime in the last five years is its proximity to the City of Chicago.

Addressing Drug Abuse Issues in Lyons

Drug crime, trafficking, abuse, and addiction has been an increasing problem in the City of Chicago since the economic crash in 2008. In more recent years with much of the drug based clientele becoming tapped out within the city limits, more and more drug pushers expanded into the surrounding communities, neighborhoods, villages, and suburbs. With an alarming increase in drug addiction on the rise in Lyons and the surrounding areas, village governments and the City of Chicago banded together to work to create government funded inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers.

Working with fewer and few tax dollars however, few facilities were actually erected, and pickings became slim for addicts seeking help. Abraxas Youth and Family Services Southwood Interventions is the only inpatient center near Lyons, and even they usually experience a 6-8 week waiting period for an addict to get a bed in the facility, and are so understaffed that very little counseling and therapy can be offered. Most government facilities like Abraxas operate betters as a temporary solution for an addict; somewhere to stay briefly to get a reprieve from their addiction and to have some assistance with finding a better, longer term, higher success rated private inpatient rehab center.

Most addicts and their families are now being advised to look outwards from the Chicago Metropolitan area to many of the privately owned and operated centers in Illinois and the surrounding states. These rehabs offer double the success rates of a state funded center with instant bed availability, medical detox to soothe and ease addicts during withdrawal, and full batteries of one-on-one counseling and therapies to achieve full and complete sobriety and rehabilitation.