Evergreen Park

Evergreen Park, Illinois, Drug Abuse Issues and Rehabilitation Offered Close By and Readily Available

A village in its own right and a suburb of the greater Chicago Metropolitan area, Evergreen Park rests about fifteen miles south of downtown Chicago. Evergreen Park reports statistics of very average numbers and configurations. A town of about 19,000 residents, the census reports that Evergreen Park has average annual per capita income levels, average household incomes, average home worth, and average numbers of different levels of educational achievement. These averages are extrapolated against the state wide averages for the State of Illinois, not the national averages.

Evergreen Park, does have one characteristic about it that may have been the cause for the recent influx of illegal street drugs and illicitly obtained prescription pills and medications. Evergreen Park lies very close to one of the main trafficking routes for illegal substances. A major drug route, the Chicago to Detroit strip, runs very close to Evergreen Park. This coupled with an ever present attempt at expansion from Chicago drug lords who have used up most of their client base in the City of Chicago itself has created a firm amount of drug related pressure on the small town of Evergreen Park, and has greatly contributed to the increased amount of drug use, dependency, addiction, crime and overdose.

Addressing the Drug Problems in Evergreen IL with Treatment

Long has it been the case that the most successful approach to drug and alcohol addiction has been through inpatient, residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Since the initial drug boom in the greater Chicago Metropolitan area closely following the economic crisis of 2008, towns like Evergreen Park have been working with the City of Chicago itself to as quickly as possible erect, staff, and maintain government funded, owned, and operated inpatient rehabilitation centers. Unfortunately due to reduced taxes an economic shortcomings, not nearly as many centers are in place that are needed to help recover the growing populace of drug addicted persons in the Chicago area.

One facility somewhat near Evergreen Park is called Stepping Stones Inc. in Joliet, Illinois. This center offers a short-term 14-28 day inpatient rehabilitation program for addicted persons. Unfortunately due to the rising demand for these centers, Stepping Stones Inc. usually posts a waiting period of about 4-8 weeks to get a bed in the center. In addition to that Stepping Stones Inc. acts more as a temporary solution for addicts, with its main purpose being to give addicts temporary relief and assist them in finding a longer term, high success rate, private, inpatient center.

Fortunately, there is a much better overall solution. Addicts and their families are now being advised to look outwards from the Chicago Metropolitan area to look into the privately owned and operated centers in Illinois and the surrounding states as well. These rehabs can easily offer double the success rates of a state funded center with absolute instant bed availability, medical detox to soothe and ease addicts during withdrawal, and full batteries of one-on-one counseling and therapies to achieve full and complete sobriety and rehabilitation.