Evanston, Illinois, Drug Abuse Issues and Rehabilitation Offered Close By and Readily Available

Evanston, Illinois is a small town about eleven miles due north of downtown Chicago, Illinois. A mid-sized fairly middle class to upper middle class town, Evanston rests right on Lake Michigan, and is one of the oldest towns in the greater Chicago Metropolitan area. Evanston is considered one of the nicest and most aesthetic of Chicago suburbs and outlying neighborhoods. The average home in Evanston is worth twice the state-wide average, and the average per capita income and household income are both higher than the state average. The average education achievement rates, and the employment rates are both higher than the averages for the state as a whole.

The fact that Evanston is nice, quaint, and fairly well off little town just a short distance North of the big city may be the biggest factor in why it attracted such a strong sense of interest from expanding drug lord and traffickers in Chicago shortly after the economic downfall in 2008.

Studies show that drug trade expansion tends to focus its attempts at pedaling in neither poor nor wealthy districts. Research indicates that the highest likely clientele for initial drug purchases reside in neighborhoods of anywhere from lower class, (but not poverty) income, to upper middle class, (but not complete upper class), income.

What is Being Done to Combat the Drug Issue in Evanston, Illinois:

Soon after drug expansion become a major problem following the economic crisis, governing bodies for Evanston, the surrounding towns, and the City of Chicago itself came together to put inpatient, government owned, operated, and funded rehabs all across the metropolitan area. Unfortunately, with the economy being in the state that it was in and with the steady and unfortunate migration of residents from the Chicago at a rate of about five percent for the past decade, not as much money was able to be accrued as was hoped for these centers.

One center that does exist however is the Lake County Health Dept/CHC Behavioral Health/Women’s Residential Services twenty miles north of Evanston in Vernon Hills, Illinois. This center offers the most basic of rudimentary services for women only. Acting more as a transitional center for addicts seeking higher quality professional care, the Lake County Health Dept/CHC Behavioral Health/Women’s Residential Services gives women a temporary reprieve from their addictions and gives them time to find and help in finding another, longer term, high success rated inpatient residential rehab center to check themselves into.

Fortunately, there is a much better solution than just going to a facility like the one above. Most addicts and their families are now being advised and wisely so to look outwards from the Chicago Metropolitan area to examine many of the privately owned and operated centers in Illinois and in the surrounding states as well. These rehabs offer double if not triple the success rates of a state funded center with always instant bed availability, medical detox to soothe and ease addicts during withdrawal, and several full batteries of one-on-one counseling and therapies to achieve full and complete sobriety, rehabilitation, and recovery.