Elmwood Park

Elmwood Park, Illinois, Drug Abuse Issues and Rehabilitation Offered Close By and Readily Available

Elmwood Park is a small neighborhood and village approximately thirteen miles Northwest of downtown Chicago, Illinois. Containing a population of only 24, 973 residents, Elmwood Park is considered a relatively small, contained, and out of the way neighborhood of the Chicago Metropolitan suburbs.

Elmwood Park rates in at a fairly average, normal Chicago suburb and community. Elmwood Park residents showcase a good representation of the State of Illinois’s average yearly income per capita and per household. Though not very ethnically diversified with a seventy percent white populace, Elmwood Park is flush with average, blue collar, middle class Americans. One difference in Elmwood Park is the average value of its homes is quite higher than the Illinois average, with homes being usually worth around $210,000, while the state average rests around $170,000. This is easily extrapolated to be due to the county’s very close proximity to downtown Chicago and its proximity to other, even wealthier and upper class suburbs.

The Rising Drug Problem in Elmwood

As mentioned, cross checked, researched, and proven in many studies and tabulations done in the last five years, the slow and steady migration of middle class and upper class Americans moving out of Chicago has allowed for and permitted an increase in the drug market and trade. Gang activity has been on a steady uprise and growth within the city limits over the last decade, and now many, many gang members and drug pushers have expanded out into the surrounding suburbs, neighborhoods, counties, villages, and even as far as the rural areas beyond the suburbs.

This of course has contributed to a rapid rise of drug addiction and dependency in many middle class families in Elmwood Park and the surrounding areas. Taken quite by surprise, governing bodies in Elmwood Park, the surrounding counties, and the City of Chicago have been scrambling to erect government funded and run inpatient drug rehabilitation centers. With much of the tax income from middle and upper class citizens having recently left Chicago and the surrounding areas in the last ten years, funds have been unfortunately tight on this.

To date, the only inpatient rehab near Elmwood Park currently staffed and open to the public is the Behavioral Health Services Center of the Central DuPage Hospital. Unfortunately, this hospital at this time can only offer a hospitalized fourteen day stay for addicts and drug dependents. With little to no counseling or therapy, this program acts as a simple temporary approach, giving addicts a short reprieve from addiction until they find a better, longer term residential center to check themselves into.

With the rising drug problem in the Chicago Metro area becoming quite prevalent and unavoidable, many families are strongly urged by professionals, addictionologists, and addiction counselors all over the Metro area to expand their horizons and look outwards to better quality, accredited, and reputable inpatient residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Illinois and the surrounding states for high-level care for their addicted loved ones.