Cicero, Illinois, Drug Abuse Issues and Rehabilitation Offered Close By

Cicero is a mid-sized village outside of the city of Chicago. Resting about ten miles southeast of downtown Chicago, Cicero has a recorded population of 84,147. Cicero is a prominently younger populated area of the Chicago Metropolitan area, with the average age of its residents being 28. Cicero is not at all a well diversified village, with eighty-six percent of its inhabitants coming from Hispanic origins.

In the last fourteen years unemployment has gone up rather markedly in Cicero, almost doubling in fact from six percent in the year 2000, all the way up to twelve percent last year. Because of this, the income averages in Cicero are lower than the state average, and the crime rates are somewhat higher. The village of Cicero has seen a slight decline in population over the last ten years, and censuses show that an approximate five percent of middle class taxpayers moved out of the country each year for several concurrent years. This contributed to more yearly debt accrued, and less government programs being administered. Cicero also has a significantly higher high school drop out rate, another factor that contributes greatly to and is often a sign of drug use and abuse in a selected area. All of this of course inevitably leads to higher drug and alcohol abuse, as substance abuse and addiction usually go hand in hand with high unemployment, low income, and crime.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in or Near Cicero, Illinois

With the steady and significant rise in addiction, dependency, and drug abuse in Cicero, collaboration was done to try and provide citizens with nearby residential government funded and run rehabilitation options. The nearest inpatient center to Cicero is about 3 miles due East. Known as Gateway Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center, this center is actually more of a hospital style inpatient center, not a residential rehab. With a hospitalized center addicts will be offered an 8-14 day stay. The focus at this type of center is to stabilize the addict from a health risk perspective, and then send them on their way. Very few if any one-on-one counseling or group therapy, if any, is performed.

Many Cicero residents who suffer with addictions to drugs or alcohol look outside of their local areas, as many statistics and studies show that traveling away from home will increase an addict’s chances of achieving recovery, as they are physically pulling themselves away from all the triggers, weaknesses, fellow users, and environments that caused them to abuse drugs and alcohol in the first place.