Opiates include heroin, opium, and morphine. 

Opiate rehab is designed to help an addict get the treatment they need while facing an opiate addiction.  Opiates are considered the most addictive drugs available and the hardest to get a one time treatment for.  Although morphine is used to help people recovering from injuries and surgery in hospitals, it is also sold on the streets because of the spacey feelings you encounter while high on the drug. 

Opiates are ever popular drugs, and their ability to be sold on the streets becomes more and easier as the amount of addicts increases.  Opiate rehab can help people that cannot find any other solution to their opiate addiction. The treatment, depending on the severity of the addict’s addiction, can last several months because it takes more than normal treatments to get an opiate addict clean from their addiction.  Opiate addicts struggle throughout their lives always trying to find their next high and many end up homeless, lonely, and physically and mentally unstable.  The drugs have long term effects such as mental and physical damage like skin aging, memory loss, and sometimes mild forms of mental retardation, as well as drastic weight loss, pregnancy complications including still births, and death.  These side effects take a toll on a person and over time the mind and body slowly shut down and dies. 

Opiate rehab starts off like any other treatment does with detoxification; there is a small difference during this stage though.  Patients cannot be prescribed prescription drugs to help with the side effects of withdrawal such as vomiting, nausea, and body aches, therefore the detoxification process with opiates is much more intense and painful.  Although the pains that come with opiate addiction treatment are considerably bad, life living in poverty and sickness and always looking for the next high will be the death to opiate addicts who fail to receive the addiction treatment they need.

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