Methamphetamine is a white, odorless, bitter-tasting crystalline powder that easily dissolves in water or alcohol and is taken orally, snorting the powder, by needle injection, or by smoking. 

This drug is has such a high potential for abuse that it is only available through a non refillable prescription and the dose amount is usually very small.  The methamphetamine sold on the streets is made in small super labs throughout the country and other countries where in the lab the chemicals endanger the people, neighbors and the environment. Methamphetamine changes a person’s brain function by reducing motor skills and impaired verbal learning. 

Taking even a small amount of methamphetamine can have side effects that include: increased wakefulness, decreased appetite, rapid heart beat, irregular heart beat, increased blood pressure, and hyperthermia.  This drug, although good to for medical purposes, has harmful life long side effects such as extreme weight loss, severe dental problems, anxiety, confusion, insomnia, mood swings, and violent behavior.  Methamphetamine also is an easy way to contract HIV through using a dirty needle or from having unprotected sex while under the influence. 

The risk that come with methamphetamine is not worth the feeling of self worth you get that goes away as soon as the high is over.  This drug will end your life or someone you know and loves life within days of using the drug.  Do not let yourself or someone you care for turn into another victim of methamphetamine abuse or addiction.  Call and speak with one  of your local addiction treatment professionals today to get the treatment you need to overcome the harmful side effects of methamphetamine.