Cocaine is the number one abused stimulant drug in the United States.  Although this drug was once used for many medical purposes that include anesthetic purposes, helps get rid of depression, and fatigue, it has a side to it that can cause people to “lose their minds”.  Cocaine abuse can become fatal in a matter of seconds just from taking a wrong hit or over dosing unintentionally.  When a person has a cocaine abuse problem they usually find a way to obtain the drugs no matter what.  Abusers have been known to sell their homes, cars and even sell their families in prostitution just to get one fix.  In the months of cocaine abuse, the abuser will try to hide their addiction from their families because they have become ashamed of what they are doing to themselves, but as the months go on the abuser will get more worry free and seem to not have a care in the world about who or what they hurt in order to get high on cocaine.

Some visual warning signs to look for if you think that someone you love and care for has a cocaine abuse problem include: extreme weight loss due to the lack of eating while under the influence, sunk in face from malnutrition, and also mood swings and a change in the person’s social life and friends.

If you think that someone you care for is suffering with a cocaine abuse problem, call us today.  Cocaine abuse is rising more and more in the United States and for many it can become fatal if it is not taken under control immediately.  Help them or yourself towards a better future today, before cocaine abuse takes away any chance of happiness in the future.