Alcoholism is when a person has an addiction to alcohol that is so severe they need treatment from doctors and rehab to conquer the addiction they are facing.  When a person is an alcoholic they have a series of issues that can come with the addiction: mood swings, violence, liver cancer, and even death from ignorance while under the influence are all side effects of alcohol. 

Alcoholism can ruin lives of the people that live with the alcoholic. A person addicted to alcohol loses the drive a person usually has, and when this happens they can lose their house, job, drop out of school, and also kill the people they love when becoming violent while under the influence.  Alcoholism can be a problem for a person at any age, and in some cases young adults are becoming victims to alcoholism.  Teens are hosting drinking parties as early as the age of thirteen and many young adults will drink every weekend until they hit college where their lives spin out of control due to alcohol.  You need to know the warning signs to look for when you are trying to determine if someone you care about has become a victim to alcohol, whether it is them dropping out of school or quitting a job out of the blue; these signs are good indicators of alcoholism. 

At any age a person can be addicted to alcohol and every case needs to be treated as if they are capable of the worst.  If someone you know and love has become the victim to alcoholism, talk to them and keep in mind that alcohol addiction is not a choice, it becomes something that has to be stopped through treatments and counseling before they end up hurting themselves or even worse, you, unintentionally while under the influence.